For years, she did portrait commissions of people and their pets according to the style and techniques of traditional realism, but recently Sharon has begun taking commissions for what she calls “fantasy portraits,” putting her clients’ dreams together in tongue-in-cheek  works that feature their likeness in the midst of their wildest dreams.  

She recently painted a U.S. Army Apache pilot from Texas refighting the Battle of the Alamo!  “Art for the fun of it,” she laughs. “Bodacious!”

Sharon has also worked on abstractions in an effort to manipulate the elements and principles of art to express ideas without recognizable images but also to satisfy the standard of successful composition, a standard that she laments is often lost in contemporary art; and her favorite subjects are expressions of her relationship with God, the center point and focus of her life. 

Sharon's solo exhibit  at Real Art DeRidder Gallery featured portraits of people who have spoken into her maturity as a believer in Christ and abstracts which told the story of her journey.  Check out her "Kingdom of God" exhibit video link above .

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Sharon Hollingsworth Harris is a retired art teacher. Having spent 30 years encouraging the creativity of   others at every grade level from second grade through         college, Sharon says that she finally has time to do               her own work.  Though she enjoys painting with oils, her favorite media is pastel or watercolor.